FAQ, wvo conversion info

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Will my Car run the same running it on WVO? 

A:  Yes your car or truck will run the same, if not better on waste vegetable oil (WVO) or straight vegetable oil (SVO).  The vegetable oil will help keep your pumps and injectors well lubed and in good running order, as long as your fuel is heated well. 

Will Green Machine systems work in cold winter weather? 

A:  Yes,  the systems have worked perfectly in temperatures close to 5°F

What do you do if you have water in your WVO?

A.  Most of the water will settle out of your oil if heated, and let sit for a short period of time.  It is important to check for water using a "hot pan test". It is essential to use a  good quality water seperator filter 

Will running WVO hurt my truck?  

A:  No, running WVO will probably help it run a little more quiet, and the oil will help keeh the fuel system well lubed.  Any problems or damage would be caused from bad fuel.  If proper settling, and filtering is done, there shouldn't be any problem. 

Where can I find free fuel?

A:  You will have to put a little effort in approaching restaurant owners/managers and politely explaining what you want to do with their old oil.  If you are prompt and clean, they will most likely be more than happy to give it to you.  It is very important to try as many locations as you can.  You WILL find at least one good source if you put in a little time even if it seems like everyone is already set up with sombody else.

what kind of oil is the best?

A:  As long as the oil is not a solild at low temps (40F to 30F) you should be good.  you have to expect gelling below 30F. 

Why is the 7.3L powerstroke so expensive to convert compared to the Jetta's and Mercedes?

A:  Anyone who can do moderate mechanical work can do the conversion themselves but the 7.3L and 6.0 powerstroke is a little more involved than a basic conversion done to small cars like Volkswagen and Mercedes.  The fuel pumps and filters are quite expensive. The fuel filter needs to be large enough to accommodate a generous fuel flow, and you'll need a fairly large second fuel tank.  The heated fuel line also have to be long, and are expensive.

What is so different about converting a 6.0L and a 7.3L?

A:  The 7.3L can be done with minimal changes.  The injectors pumps and filters tolerate WVO very well.  The 6.0L does very poorly with WVO running through it's stock fuel system.  For that reason, a whole parallel system needs to be installed that runs completely independent of the stock system.  There are many benefits when installing a system like this for both engines.  --faster purge times, reliability, and convenience.