Do it yourself wvo conversion

Where to Begin?

Green Machine Fuel Systems specializes in waste vegetable oil (wvo) conversions for the ford powerstroke truck

items needed for a conversion for a 6.0 or 7.3L Ford:

Fuel Pump, fuel filter with water separation capabilities, fuel tank, heated fuel lines, heated fuel pickup, fittings, vac gauge, two relays, 10 gauge wire, 10A fuse block, switches, hose clamps,  check valves (3).

You will need to install check valves at the two stock fuel lines that feed the head.  They are located at the drivers side front  and the passenger rear on a 7,3L.  on a 6.0L they are both in the front.  This will be the only modification to the stock fuel lines.  

The locations where the New fuel system will feed into the motor are opposite the stock locations, for a 7.3L, drivers rear fuel rail and passengers rear. and a 6.0L are both at the rear.

The dedicated vegetable oil pump will be switched on when the stock pump is switched off using relays.  you should bring a new 12v feed from the battery to feed the relays.  the 3rd check valve needs to be installed somewhere between the new fuel pump and the motor. 

you will need a vacuum gauge installed between the pump and the fuel filter to alert you when the filter needs changing.   

6.9L and 7.3L idi PRE powerstroke
  Conversion Methods

Switch pre pump-
Pros- easier install, stock regulated fuel pressure, needs a WVO lift pump to help the stock pump
Cons-heated lines between stock pump, filter and injection pump
Stock pump failure can leak WVO into crankcase gelling the crankcase oil
Single return line to tap
Long purge times
Tie in 6 port valve at the frame rail

Post stock filter- see tie in point to the right, before and after
Pros- shorter purge times
- separate fuel system except the injection pump
Cons- fuel return lines need to be switched at the rear of the injectors and the fuel filter because there is no way to shut off the stock mechanical fuel pump unless you add another fuel pump
tie in 6 port valve between the stock filter and injection pump,  and a 3 port at the fuel filter return line both wired to operate simultaneously.

7.3L powerstroke
Methods of conversion

Two methods
Separate fuel system and pre-stock pump method
 Pre-pump method would use a 6 port valve to switch prior to a single pump, the stock pump (will fail sooner than later) or a more robust pump
This method will run both diesel and
WVO through the stock fuel filter and have long purge times. The positives would be simplicity and cost.

Installing a completely separate fuel system is the best choice although more difficult to install and more expensive. The pros would be shorter purge times and reliability in the event of
Either system failure
The costs of this method are associated with the installation requiring that all four ends of the engine block need to be accessed and a wvo fuel pump must be used.

6.0L powerstroke
This conversion can only be made as a completely seperate fuel system just as the 7.3L. All 4 ends of the block need to be accessed and a separate wvo pump needs to be used

7.3L IDI fuel switch tied in point